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Odd Crew is a Bulgarian metal band with a history of over 17 years with no line-up changes and is well
known for their energetic, honest and perfectly played live shows. In the last 10 years they have toured several times through Europe and have an excellent reputation in the underground. Last summer the released their fourth album ‘Mark These Words’ (2015). This was recorded in Sweden with producer Daniel Bergstrand – who has worked with In Flames, Meshuggah, Behemoth and many more and mixed by Jason Suecof, well-known from his work with bands like Trivium, DevilDriver, Chimaira, etc. The album has a metalcore influence with melodic/heavy guitar parts and more melodic/ screaming vocal parts than other previous albums.

Hellvetica is a Swiss metal band with over 12 years of history. Their last record „Deadly Eyes“ was released in 2014. Their sound is a mix between Thrash/Death Metal with some Hardcore elements. Headbanger riffs meet fast moshparts combined with some melodic parts. This mixture gets rounded off with some aggressive vocals. Hellvetica stands for swiss premium Thrash with a high potential of beer and party factor. They have made themselves an excellent name in the underground especially due to the energetic live performances where everybody (headbangers, moshers stagedivers and beerdrinkers) gets what they deserve for their money.

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